Is Christianity Fading Out in Europe?

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Christianity Fading Out in Europe


Europe is the place where the apostles preached the gospel of God. It is the home of many spiritual luminaries like Aquinas, Calvin, Luther, Barth, etc. But today, Christianity has suffered a severe decline in Europe. Though Christians remain one of the largest religious groups in the world, it is continually declining in Europe. Globally it was recorded that the number of babies which were born to a Christian mother was more the number of Christian deaths that occurred in a year. But, in Europe this is reversed, the number of Christian deaths is more than the number of babies born to a Christian family.

Christianity Fading Out in Europe

Spread of Islam:

Muslims on the other side have increased as the birth of Muslim babies outnumbers the deaths in the religion. Since there are more children per woman in this denomination, the population of Muslims are slowly on the rise; this shows that fertility difference in various sects affects the population trends. Another factor which affects the population trends is the median age for childbearing. Muslims have a median age of about 24, followed by the Hindus with 27 as the median age and then comes the Christians with 30 as the median age.

Christianity in Modern age:

Having a Christian name and conversations which end with “God Bless” are slowly slipping out of people’s vocabulary. Wearing a Cross as a piece of jewelry is considered as making a political statement. The Christians in Europe start to sense how it feels to be in a minority group. Due to the lack of faith and belief among the Christians, the following generations began to doubt if there was a God who is above all. The world has grown in technology, and people are exposed to scientific researchers and studies which make them question about the existence of God.

The so-called “pop culture” is slowly replacing Christian beliefs. The younger generations are exposed to constant debates about religion and Christian values. The absurd behavior of people who say they are Christians and do immoral things makes others question about the religion he belongs. With the constant increase in natural calamity and various atrocities that happen in the world, people started to think that if there were a God, then he would not let such things happen. But with the lack of Christian teachings, many do not understand that it is not God who brings calamities and such things happen because we live in a sinful world. The salvation of Christ dying on the Cross is more of a good story these days. People read the bible but don’t understand the essence of the book.


Christianity is not a religion is it a choice to have a better life, it is a choice to choose the salvation of God. Unfortunately, many people refuse to make that choice and live a godless life.  It is quite disappointing that the continent which first started to spread Christianity is now slowly declining but that does not make Christianity a minor religion, the other nations have begun to believe in Christ, and Christianity remains to be one of the most prominent faiths in the world.

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