What does the Bible Say about Women Empowerment?

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Women Empowerment


Women empowerment is a burning issue. Every day we hear people talking about feminism and how women need to be treated better. Unfortunately, it has become a more of a metonym for man-hating. When God created humans he made man and women in the likeness of him; the Bible says in Genesis 1:28 that “God blessed them and asked them to rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky and over any living thing that moves on the earth.” One thing we need to note here is the word “them”; the scriptures say that God looked at both of them and not just the man. When God created humans he wanted both men and women to live in harmony and rule over the world but, unfortunately, that is not how the world is right now.

Women Empowerment

Male Domination:

Men have dominated women for many years and continue to overshadow women kind in every way possible. We also read a lot about women empowerment in the Bible. Many of us think that the Bible is a spiritual book which tells the people what is right and wrong, but the Bible is more than that, it is a book which teaches you to choose life over death.

Events in Bible:

There are many incidents about women empowerment that are recorded in the Bible. When Jesus rose from the dead, the first person to see him would be the ones who will be preaching the gospel, and they get the privilege to teach people that the Son of God has risen from the dead. God decided to give this opportunity and responsibility to a group of women. When God himself trusts women with teaching the first gospel then why should we feel women are incapable of teaching and leading.

There are plenty of incidents where Jesus empowers and encourages women to do great things. He liberates them and sets them free from the bondage the society puts them. There is a separate chapter in Proverbs which describes the beauty in the character of a woman. As a woman, we have the responsibility of making priorities and maintaining our work and family in the right proportion. It is the character which defines women; beauty fades away with age and Bible says that a woman with a noble character is worth far more than rubies. Esther proves to the world that a woman can save an entire nation. She was an excellent queen and a godly woman who saved the whole Jewish nation.


Many women in the Bible have done great things, and God has always used women to do wonders. Both men and women who believe in Jesus Christ carry the Holy Spirit in their body, and thus they need to respect each other no matter what happens. It is the nature of men to have a dominion character, but that does not mean that women can not enjoy the same rights and privileges a man does.

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